I need to begin this post with how much I’ve complained in the past at how predictable I’ve found The Undertaker’s WrestleMania matches. I’ve never disputed that they have been show stopping, breath holding matches, The Undertaker puts everything into his matches, however, the end result was always the same.

I’ve gone into the match expecting The Undertaker to never lose.

This year I have my doubts this will be the same.

The Undertaker has been semi retired now for a few years, only coming back for WrestleMania season and he isn’t getting any younger. One day he’s going to hang up his boots for good. The question is, will his WrestleMania streak be left undefeated or will that final match be the match he finally loses?

Honestly? I believe the latter. I think The Undertaker is going to want to go out with a bang and end with the unexpected. And I believe Brock Lesnar could be the one to do it.

People who know me, know how much I dislike Brock Lesnar. I hold no respect for him seeing how often he injures talent with his hot headed attitude, but I have to say that I can see him being successful at Mania.

I think The Undertaker is ready to leave fully. Having his last match be at the 30th WrestleMania would be monumental. I think the only thing better than it being his final match is to end with the streak being broken.

There’s no doubt whoever (if anyone) breaks the streak will have bragging rights. It’s a 21 year long feud that could propel the victor to much more in their career with the title “streak killer”, but will The Undertaker be able to let go of something he’s held for so long?

The question remains, will The Undertaker leave if his streak is broken? Will he remain undefeated even in retirement? Will he leave it open ended for the opportunity of one more match?

All of that is yet to be seen but I can say, I have no idea who will walk out victorious and that sets me up for a more exciting experience when watching this match.

7 thoughts on “21-1?

  1. 22-0….After watching Monday Night Raw in which the usual trick of making Undertaker look beatable by having Lesnar destroy him days before Wrestlemania can only mean 1 thing a taker victory.

  2. Again to make it look possible that he could lose :) ….However I agree that it will end just not to Brock..And when he does lose it will be probably be down to interference. Cant remember off hand but a mid 90’s match where he was pushed into a casket by a mob of wrestlers.

  3. Lesnar is the man. Face it, whether you like him or not, the streak had to end to someone believable. I personally like Lesnar. I don’t like very many heels but there are a few people that I like regardless of whether they are a baby face or a heel. I figured Lesnar would carry the match but lose some how so when that third F5 was hit I knew it was over. It was so silent in the “Silverdome” you could have heard Heyman fart. Let’s face it Taker needs to retire from in ring participation & with the streak broken there’s never been a better time. Had he went 22-0 someone would say I could have ended it or I will end it but with it ended he can retire peacefully. He had nothing left to prove anyway.

    • Yeah I expected this result even though it wasn’t what I’d like to hae seen. I’m going to be makin another post this week going into detal about my reactions to WrestleMania. This match will definitely take up a big chunk of that post

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